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How do I import my tracks?

Internal storage

All the tracks imported in your native player will be automatically synchronized on Equalizer+. You can also press the magnifying glass to make a global search. Type the title of the song you’re looking for and press enter. Once you have found your track, touch it to play it right away, or press the three dots and select an action !

External storage

On the other hand, the folder option facilitates your access to your files located in your external storage (like your SD card). After you pressed the folder icon, choose your folder inside your external storage to reach your tracks. Once you have found your track, touch it to play it right away, or press the three dots and select an action !

What music sources can I use with Equalizer+?

Equalizer+ is a music player that enables you to use your own songs located in your device’s internal/external storage including your SD card. That means you cannot use it along with another music player (like Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Music Player etc.), online radio (like Pandora, Rhapsody etc.) or video channel like YouTube.

Which Music formats can Equalizer+ handle?

Equalizer+ supports the same format as Android such as .mp3, .m4a, .flac…

You will find all the list here: here.


How do I create a playlist?

To create playlists, you have to create them on the native ‘Music’ folder of your device. Then, they will be automatically synchronized on Equalizer+ under the ‘Playlist’ thumbnail!

How do I move songs within my current list?

To move your song within your current list, keep your finger on the left button (with the 3 horizontal lines) and move your track up or down.

How do I save my equalizer settings?

Once you managed your equalizer the way you like, press the Floppy Disk button and then enter the name of your personal presets. Eventually, you’ll find them at the very end of the presets list.

How do I add tracks to my current list?

You can add songs to the current queue directly from the library. To do so, press the button right next to your track, and touch ‘add to current queue’ or ‘add all’. You’ll then find your song in your current queue. To add more songs, select the track/Artist/Album or Playlist you want and repeat the operation.

How do I delete a song from my current list?

To delete a song from your current queue from the player screen, two buttons are available:

The right one enables you to manage your playlist and therefore to delete your tracks one by one.

On the other hand, the right top button (3 vertical dots) enables you to delete your whole current queue.

How to delete a song of my library?

You can’t do it directly from Equalizer+. You should delete your music directly from your native library, all the changes will be synchronized on the app.

How to use the fader?

On the main screen of Equalizer+. Tick ‘ON’ and scroll the cursor along the circle. You can also move the album cover by swapping it.


Can I change the language of the app?

Equalizer+ is only available in French and English for now.

What is the difference between Equalizer+ and Equalizer+ Pro?

Equalizer+ Pro contains all the features from scratch, the freemium version is just with ads and you can purchase the no ads version which is the same as the Pro.

Which effects can you use within Equalizer+?

The Fade function ensures you both smooth transitions and a continuous stream of music, enabling you to manage the duration between each songs.

The Bass Boost gives another dimension to your songs by enhancing the basses of your track.

In the Visualizer view, you can choose a spectrum shape and watch it move while you’re listening to your music.

How to increase the Bass Boost’s intensity?

To increase the Bass Boost’s intensity, go on the Settings > Bass Boost > Move the cursor along the line to adjust the intensity.

What’s the difference between the recent list and the current queue?

The recent list is a selection of songs that you play the most.

The current list is the list of songs you actually want to play with Equalizer+. It can be a selection of tracks from different playlists, tracks, artists, albums and genre list. You can manage it the way you want within the app.


How do I share files with other devices nearby?

To share your library with other devices, first make sure they have Equalizer+ running under Android System, and that they are connected to the same Wifi network than yours.

Also, be sure to be both visible for other devices by ticking the ‘Network visibility’ box in Settings.

Then, go to the main menu. You can now see the different devices that you can interact with. To explore their files, just touch the device name in the list: its entire library is now available to be played on your own device.

If you don’t want to be visible to others, go to Menu > Settings > Untick the ‘Network visibility’ box.

If you want your device to be recognized by others, you can personalize its name. Go to Menu> Settings > ‘Device Name’ and edit the name. Then restart the app, so the modifications will be taken into account.

How do I use this with my Bluetooth speakers / headphones?

To use the app via Bluetooth, connect your speakers/ headphones to your device and then open Equalizer+: it’s done!


Why can’t I hear any difference in the sound?

Actually, the perception of the effects depends on your device because different devices haven’t the same specific features and the same audio output. The usage of headphones or speakers amplifies the effects.

Also, other apps may interfere with Equalizer+. Please shut down all the other apps running in background that may interfere with Equalizer+. Eventually, it will be working.

Please note that a few native players (e.g Sony’s native player ‘Walkman’) do have inherent features, such as their own equalizer, that prevent Equalizer+ from working. However, most of the time you can deactivate these features manually through the player’s settings .

I would like a refund: what should I do?

To get a refund as an Android user within 2 hours after your purchase please follow these instructions:

Open the Google Play Store app > Touch the Menu icon > My account > Select the Bass Booster in your Purchase History > Touch Refund. Follow the instructions to complete your refund and uninstall the app.

After the return period of 2 hours has passed, you’ll see an Uninstall button instead of a Refund button. Selecting Uninstall will remove the app from your device, but you won’t receive a refund.

Under certain circumstances, you can be eligible for a refund after the return period of 2 hours. In this case, please contact your Google Store customer service.


If you have more questions or suggestions, please click on the link below to contact our Customer Support. We will do our best to help you :)

Equalizer+ support Team: support@equalizerpl.us